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ENS Overview

The ENS project is writing of a scalable, safe and clean SIP routing engine designed to form the basis of a feature wall PBX or NG SBC.


  1. The registrar simple registrar without authentication registrar.js

  2. Drachtio is a SIP application server with a Node.js framework to an unknown C++ engine

  3. The SIPwise RTP engine from the Kamalio project the RTP engine uses NG control protocol sending message cookies between RTP endppoints. Will usefully bridge between IPv6 and IPv4 UAs.

Latest release

20 March 2019: Candidate alpha


Getting sidetracked into finding a not too cumbersome IDE we standardised on Visual Studio Code not to be confused with Visual Studio! VSC is based on Electron a framework for deploying Node.js applications into browserless desktops. VSC does not squeeze your code into .sln projects. It is proprietary though and sends telemetry to MS. We will look at using Electron for control GUI.

Upcoming Releases

Release Schedule:

  • 0.6.0:
    • May 16:  0.6.1-rc1
    • June 6:  0.6.1-rc2
    • June 20: 0.6.1-final
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